Let go of your fears & go with the flow 🌊

Together we’ll
• become certified swimmers with qualified teachers
• travel to beautiful pools and hot springs on our swim retreats
• make lifelong friends and lasting memories

Many of us black girls don’t swim. Maybe we’re worried about our hair, or our families instilled fear around water, or we just haven’t felt safe as women around the water, perhaps for cultural reasons.

This club is for letting go of our fears and restrictions and learning together.

Swimming is a life skill and for various cultural reasons, most of us just aren't getting in the water! Studies from Drowning Prevention Week 2022 show that 80% of black children and 95% of black adults do not swim.

This is very alarming! But my mission for this club is that black women all over the globe take the physical, mental & spiritual benefits of going with the flow of water: rest, release and strength. Also, to take up more space in nature!

In this video I explain my plans for the Black Girl Swim Club.

If you're interested in joining, please follow these 4 steps:

  1. Please register your interest by filling in the form below, we'll be in touch with our membership application form for you to fill out
  2. Download The Stack World app here to RSVP and pay for classes & events
  3. Then join the Black Girl Swim Club on the app here
  4. Join our private Facebook group here, to chat with your fellow members worldwide, get access to exclusive opportunities & have your say in the direction of the club

I look forward to meeting you by the pool! Marsha x 🏊🏾‍♀️ 👙

And if you're a brand or organisation interested in sponsoring the Black Girl Swim Club, please email partnerships@thespringlondon.com.

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